Get Connected!

Are you a 3/S or other Mitsu owner living in the MN area?  Get connected to a Mitsu message board or Facebook group.

MN 3/S Forum

MN 3/S Facebook group

Upper Midwest Mitsu Owners Facebook group



3 comments on “Get Connected!
  1. David Jones says:

    Was part of your club for a number of years and also took part in the road ralley a few years ago. infact our car is in the park picture by the lake advertising the 2013 event. Our red 1995 3000Gt is in the front row with the front bra on. can’t miss it. unfortunately after 13 years of ownership it’s time to say goodby. it has 65,000 miles and is in immaculate shape. We will respond to any reasonable offers. thanks

  2. Great cookout and show!Thank you
    here is a link to pictures from the show

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