2003 Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering attendees

Here is the list of participants for the Upper Midwest Gathering.   If you can fill in any of the ???, please send me the information.  Thanks!

1 Curt Gendron & Stacy Reinolt Rogers, MN 95 black Stealth R/T TT cgendron(at)mail.com
2 Levi Dickie and Abby Brooklyn Park, MN 94 green 3000GT VR4 levi(at)retek.com
3 Francis and Aimee Morice Otsego, MN 96 white Stealth R/T TT francis.morice(at)retek.com
4 John & Christine Basol Monticello, MN 95 green Stealth R/T TT jbasol(at)marketwatch.net
5 Gene & Bev Helms Davenport, IA 96 red Stealth R/T TT beaverh(at)mchsi.com
6 Russ Schwanke Monticello, MN 91 red 3000GT VR4 conquest_tsi(at)hotmail.com
7 Aaron Stoeffler and Tonya Madison, WI 99 white 3000GT base and red 93 3000GT SL sparkee(at)mhtc.net
8 Gerry Osuski Horicon, WI 91 black Stealth R/T gosuski(at)dotnet.com
9 Mike Gardner Rockford, IL 92 chrome illusions Stealth ES mjg1281(at)hotmail.com
10 Oskar Persson Plymouth, MN 95 white Stealth R/T TT osk(at)attbi.com
11 Tom Thompson Freeport, IL 92 silver 3000GT VR4 tom.thompson(at)stpaul.com
12 Bill Young, Jr. Minneapolis, MN 94 white Stealth R/T ominousone(at)earthlink.net
13 Bill Young, Sr. Chicago, IL 94 black Stealth R/T TT ???
14 Tim Hert Cecil, WI 91 white Stealth ES xcellnt91(at)yahoo.com
15 Rodney Cameron IL 95 black 3000GT VR4  ???
16 Ryan Oliver Green Bay, WI 94 silver Stealth R/T TT olly281(at)aol.com
17 Jesse Rink Waukesha, WI 92 burgundy Stealth R/T TT kayr27(at)wi.rr.com
18 Shane Brath Madison, WI 99 red 3000GT VR4 shane(at)bratnet.net
19 Dave Judy Roscoe, IL 91 jamaican blue 3000GT SL davejudy(at)charter.net
20 Erik Prentice Palatine, IL 92 Green 3000GT SL ejpren(at)attbi.com
21 John Trongard Pewaukee, WI 92 white 3000GT VR4 trony_13(at)yahoo.com
22 Matt Clinton and Melody Stevens Point, WI 93 gray 3000GT VR4 apexblades(at)hotmail.com
23 Josh Peterson Stevens Point, WI 92 black 3000GT VR4 jvp1(at)charter.net
24 Dan Geslak  ??? 95 white Stealth R/T TT gojo3(at)aol.com
25 Lou Basile Schamburg, IL 91 white 3000GT VR4 bwaverun(at)aol.com
26 Greg Ellingson and Amy Madison, WI 91 Eagle Talon TSi (91 R/T TT) AWDScreamenEagle(at)netscape.net
27 Jason Romaker Madison, WI 92 white Stealth R/T TT jromaker(at)tds.net
28 Dave Lange Milwaukee, WI 92 black Stealth R/T TT kjl(at)elknet.net
29 Tyler Laabs and Kali Waukesha, WI   Kaligrlie(at)aol.com
30 Matt Yastrab Rockford, IL 91 red 3000GT SL lyaz(at)insightbb.com
31 Matt Pulver  ??? 94 Black 3000GT VR4 sqvr4(at)yahoo.com
32 Mike Fishman Brookfield, WI 95 blue 3000GT SL moogly4321(at)yahoo.com
33 Nelson Lunsford Madison, WI 91 red Stealth R/T nwljr2000(at)yahoo.com
34 Derek Gaudish and Cheri Edina, MN 94 white Stealth R/T TT sohcstealth(at)hotmail.com
35 Tom Garcia  ??? white Stealth R/T slimshadyone2003(at)yahoo.com
36 Mike Holler LaCrosse, WI 93 green Stealth R/T TT krazzi321(at)aol.com
37 Mark Herro Oconomowoc, WI 93 green 3000GT VR4 mxlaw(at)execpc.com