2002 Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering attendees

Here is the list of participants for the Upper Midwest Gathering.   If you can fill in any of the ???, please send me the information.  Thanks!

1 Curt Gendron & Stacy Reinolt Edina, MN 95 black Stealth R/T TT cgendron(at)mail.com
2 Levi Dickie Bloomington, MN 94 green 3000GT VR4 levi(at)retek.com
3 Derek Hayes and Dawn Marshall, MN 95 blue Stealth R/T TT hayes(at)starpoint.net
4 Francis and Aimee Morice Inver Grove Heights, MN 96 white Stealth R/T TT francis.morice(at)retek.com
5 John & Christine Basol Excelsior, MN 95 green Stealth R/T TT jbasol(at)marketwatch.net
6 Gene & Bev Helms Davenport, IA 96 red Stealth R/T TT BeaverH(at)email.msn.com
7 Russ Schwanke Spring Park, MN 92 red Stealth R/T TT conquest_tsi(at)hotmail.com
8 Greg Sheeley Praire du Chien, WI 94 blue Stealth R/T TT wizards(at)mhtc.net
9 Chistopher Deutsch Shorview, MN 94 silver Stealth R/T TT christopher0(at)attbi.com
10 Aaron Stoeffler and Tonya 99 white 3000GT base sparkee(at)mhtc.net
11 Matt Hansen and Ashley Roland, IA 91 white Stealth base mhansen(at)connectingyou.com
12 Dave Black & Melissa Gurnee, IL 95 red 3000GT VR4 dblai(at)allstate.com
13 Gerry Osuski Horicon, WI 91 black Stealth R/T gosuski(at)dotnet.com
14 Brad LaPayne Champain, IL 95 red Stealth R/T TT brad(at)lapayne.com
15 Mike Gardner Rockford, IL 92 chrome illusions Stealth ES mjg1281(at)hotmail.com
16 Oskar Persson Plymouth, MN 95 white Stealth R/T TT osk(at)attbi.com
17 Tom Thompson Freeport, IL 92 silver 3000GT VR4 tom.thompson(at)stpaul.com
18 ???? (went on rural cruise) Reedsburg, WI 92 red Stealth R/T TT
19 Ryan Flohr and Amber Milwaukee, WI 95 red 3000GT flo3000gt(at)hotmail.com
20 ???? (at car show for 5 minutes) 97-98 white 3000GT
21 Mark Samek Chicago, IL 91  black Stealth R/T TT samekv6camaro(at)yahoo.com
22 Bill Young, Jr. Minneapolis, MN 94 white Stealth R/T ominousone(at)earthlink.net
23 Bill Young, Sr. Chicago, IL 94 black Stealth R/T TT ???
24 Tim Hert and Michelle Cecil, WI 91 white Stealth ES xcellnt91(at)yahoo.com
25 ??? (guy at car show?) 91-93 white Stealth R/T TT
26 Ahmed Chicago, IL 92 red 3000GT VR4 TurboDrvn(at)aol.com