2003 All Mitsu Cookout

Thanks to all who came out to the 5th Annual All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show.  We had a great turnout this year with about 100 Mitsus on display at the Ellingson Car Museum in Rogers, on August 23rd.  Also a thanks goes out to Brookdale Mitsubishi for sponsoring the event. 

John Vilsack sent me 387 pics of the All Mitsu Cookout.  See his pictures here.

Here are your trophy winners:

90-94 DSM 95-99 DSM 91-93 3/S 94-99 3/S
1st Justin Thomson 1st Jason Rhoades 1st Mike Gardner 1st Francis Morice
2nd Derek Hennekens 2nd Annie Tietema 2nd Jesse Rink 2nd Jake Nelson
3rd Steve Wriskey 3rd Brian Barton 3rd Mark Wendlandt 3rd Lee Vang
3g Eclipse
1st Tony Otero
2nd Kiel Rushton
3rd Joey Lee
Classic Mitsus
1st Jim Klubertanz
2nd Andrew Geston
Evos and others
1st Aaron Groshong
2nd Derek Crooks
3rd Thuan Lee
Cleanest Car Overall
Gene Helms
Long Distance
Jaclyn Brezinski