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Updates on the new site

I’ve added pages for all of the National Gatherings and the Summer Gatherings. The menus got a little “buggy” with so many of them under the main menu. So I broke out the past events into a separate sub-menu. The

Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering

Plans are underway for the 2013 Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering. It will be happening on May 17-19 in Wisconsin Dells. To get the details hover over the “future events” tab at the top.

Making progress

I’ve added all the picture pages for the UMG and the All Mitsu Cookout.  Working on the rural cruise pages now.  Still probably have 50-75 more picture pages to create.  

The new website

I’m working on redesigning the MN 3/S website.  I know its about 10 years overdue.  So be patient with me while I move over the 100+ pages we have over to WordPress.